Welcome to The Campfire Group.

The Campfire Group finds that the best way to plan, create and control the future of your company, its brand and new products is a Campfire session.

It's time to kumbaya with your future.

The Campfire Group will light the way for the future of your business.  Our proprietary envisioning process will help you define an original story, vision and position that provides a modern competitive advantage for your brand. 

We specialize in deep conversations with world-class thought leaders, collaborators and custom built teams to answer whatever questions you need to define for success.

You will build trust and foster meaningful partnerships among stakeholders in this immersive setting to create real and meaningful change, buzz and engagement for your brand and its future.   Campfire creates the genuine connections and team understanding that can only happen when you invest real time in real conversations.  It's a competitive world, use the advantage The Campfire Group provides.

Join us around a Campfire.  S'mores provided. 


The Campfire Group put together an outstanding program with a variety of speakers, many from out-of-the-box fields that challenged the thought processes developers use.

- Jim Henry, Newland Communities

The Partners

Kathleen Cecilian

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Maria Fiore

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Jennifer Cecilian 

Ready to get your Campfire burning?

Contact us at info@thecampfiregroup or 301-385-3051.